Repair, restoration and modification

Written by Kai Chmieleffski on Thursday April 2, 2020

You need something repaired or even restored? I would love to take on that challenge. Before graduating my main task was actually repairs, restorations and modifications of devices. Since I always had great fun doing this kind of work I will still offer repair, restoration and modification services.

Don't we all know that thought? We have this one device that we somehow hang onto, despite the fact that it is long since broken or already shows signs of wear and tear. Wouldn't it be a better to just scrap it?

I would say: No! There is already way to much trash in our world, why should you contribute to the ever growing pile of dirt? If you still have a use for a device a repair is always an option. Due to long years of experience I can offer you a great service in many different device categories, although my focus is on metrology and HiFi.

A repair is not enough, you want your vintage amplifier to look almost like new? Or your speaker needs a new chassis and new furniture? I am sure we will find a way to bring new beauty to your treasures.

Maybe you don't like those old style DIN connectors on your HiFi receiver and want those changed to RCA connectors - I can do that, too. Just contact me and we will find ways to satisfy your needs.